Welcome to Building Belonging

A home for people committed to building a world where everyone belongs.

Read This First

There are currently two ways to engage with Building Belonging: via our public offerings (principally the Conversations on Transformation series or our Medium publication); and/or by joining this Mighty Network platform. 

Right now this Mighty Network is intended primarily for practitioners already committed to building belonging in their life and work, who are looking for a community to deepen their practice. Our current experiment in creating an experience of embodied belonging online follows a cohort model. We expect to launch our next cohort(s) in early 2023.

These cohorts are intentionally curated as a fractal of the world we want to live in: optimizing for diversity at every level possible (geography, sector, issue area, profession, race, gender, nationality, class, ability... and ultimately we also hope to have offerings in different languages and more diverse time zones (it is difficult to do both the U.S. and Asia/Pacific, e.g.)  We only launch a new cohort when (a) we have the internal capacity to do so and (b) we have a representative fractal of folks ready to commit to co-creation alongside us.

So: if this feels like the place for you (we hope it is!) please register your interest by answering the five questions when you click "Request to Join." We'll then be in touch about next steps around future cohorts, and other opportunities to engage.

We are a community of people working toward transformation and liberation: of ourselves, our societies, and the world.

We are bridge-builders and connectors: people committed to moving beyond the confines of 'us' vs 'them' to build a world where everyone belongs. In our own way, each of us is working to bring that world into being... but we sense that it isn't enough. We recognize that what we are doing is both necessary and on its own insufficient to our broader goal of transforming the world. 

We recognize that the only way to achieve the transformation we all want is through working together. We believe that gathering in small, diverse, intentionally curated groups built on trust and vulnerability is the key to transformation at every level. For more context, please see our founding Vision statement here.

What You Can Expect

  • Monthly themes curated around different aspects of the arc of transformation (I, We, World). This could include an exploration of mindfulness and somatics as key to understanding ourselves, or the power of story and narrative for connecting with others.
  • Weekly interviews and informal "office hours" with fellow members, as a way to connect with other people in the community and learn about how each of us is building belonging in our work and lives.
  • Community conversations organized around that month's theme, including the opportunity to engage with advanced practitioners.
  • Curated content featuring emerging best practice around how we cultivate a world where everyone belongs... and the opportunity to co-create that content.
  • Connect in small groups and build relationships with other practitioners doing similar work, navigating shared challenges, and working towards interrelated visions.

How Change Happens

We believe that transformation is inherently relational: none of us can do this work alone. As James Currier said: "The best way to change ourselves is to change our networks." We draw inspiration from Bobbie Harro's "cycle of liberation," which offers a way to think about how transformation happens, and how the levels of change (I, We, World) are interdependent. No matter where you are on this cycle, if you're looking for a community of people committed to a world where everyone belongs... you belong here.

Thank You For Joining Us

This transformation isn't possible without you.

You deserve a place where you can be fully seen and fully heard. Where you matter. Where you can find kindred spirits who are also seeking a world where we all belong. Where you can practice hope. As Joanna Macy reminds us:

Hope is a practice, like Tai Chi or gardening, that we do rather than have. It involves actively participating in a story that is moving towards the future we hope for.